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Wind Tales is devoted to wind, air in motion, and the effects it has on our everyday life.  The energy produced by wind is used for work and  recreation. The Egyptians used wind to sail ships on the Nile River.  Today, people use wind to sail boats on the Long Island Sound. Windmills are used to grind wheat and corn, pump water, run sawmills and make clean energy in the form of electricity.  Wind also creates a playground for kite-flyers throughout the world.

Wind Tales: Kite Flying at Savin Rock

“prevailing southwest breeze and open space make the Savin Rock one of the ideal spots for kite flying in Connecticut”

The prevailing southwest breeze makes the Savin Rock shorefront one of the ideal spots for kite flying in Connecticut. Look up as you pass the entrance to Bradley Point. Chances are, you’ll see an array of colorful kites – some diving, some darting, some hovering but all have the blue sky as a backdrop.

Here, you’re sure to find people of all ages flying kites of different colors, shapes and styles.  Some are flown with one string, others with two or four strings – each providing a different way to control the kite’s speed and direction.. The traditional diamond kite always has a long tail to help balance the flight. Then there are box kites, sled kits, Bermuda kites, paper bag kites, pyramid kites and many more.  If you’re interested in building kites, be sure to visit the link listed at the end of this article. Perhaps one of the easiest kits to fly is a delta wing kite that’s balanced by a keel. If you happen to be at Savin Rock when the ConnectiKITERS are flying, it’s likely that you will see uniquely shaped kites that you’ve never seen before.  Whether you are a kite flyer, builder or an observer, Savin Rock in West Haven, Ct is the perfect destination to experience the fun of kites and wind.


 Legend suggests that the first kite was born when a Chinese farmer tied a string to his hat to keep it from blowing away.  When a strong wind came along, the hat would lift and the first kite was born.  The earliest written account of  kite flying was about 200 B.C. A couple of notable kite flyers include Ben Franklin who experimented with kites to find out more about atmospheric electricity and Alexander Graham Bell who flew kites to prove or discover new theories in physics. Kites were also used by the military to lift observers high enough to spot the enemy and at other times for transporting equipment. For those who want to ponder the future of kites, explore sea kites being used to produces energy.


American Kite Association

How to build your own kite

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