410 Savin Avenue

June 18th , 2010 → 9:06 am @

Location: on Savin Avenue, Atwood Avenue and Bassett Street Acquisitions: 2001/ City of West Haven Land Trust Involvement: Easement held by Land Trust West Haven Acreage: approximately 3 acres Current Use: Habitat protection, watershed protection Public Access: Varies by property but as a rule access is limited 410 Savin Avenue For the rest of the [...]

Category : Easements / Protected Lands

Savin Rock Shorefront Property

June 18th , 2010 → 9:05 am @

Savin Rock Shorefront Property Location: beachfront property stretching from the end of West Walk condominiums at Altschuler Plaza west to Bradley Point (not including Jimmies restaurant or Savin Rock Conference Center) Acquisitions: City of West Haven Land Trust Involvement:  Easement held by The Land Trust of West Haven, Inc. Acreage: approximately 39 acres Current Use: [...]

Category : Easements / Protected Lands