Hawkins Becomes Board Member Emeritus of Land Trust West Haven

June 22nd , 2012 → 1:06 pm @

“In recognition of his extraordinary guidance and support to help preserve West Haven’s shoreline and open space, Attorney Barry Hawkins was awarded status as a Board Member Emeritus by the Land Trust of West Haven, Inc. During the appreciation dinner held in his honor, Mr. Hawkins was praised for his longstanding commitment and perseverance hat [...]

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Over 80 Volunteers Celebrate National Estuaries Day With Beach Cleanup at Sandy Point

November 11th , 2011 → 4:12 pm @

On September 24, 2011, The Land Trust of West Haven coordinated a beach cleanup at Sandy Point with Save The Sound, a program of The Connecticut Fund for the Environment. In addition to being part of the Ocean Conservancy’s “International Coastal Cleanup” (http://www.oceanconservancy.org/our-work/marine-debris/international-coastal-cleanup-11.html) , this year’s Sandy Point cleanup was Save The Sound’s feature cleanup [...]

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Connecticut’s Fisheries History. Can the Past Help us now? The Year 1912 to Present

June 14th , 2011 → 8:48 pm @

Highlights of presentation by Tim Visel, Coordinator, The Sound School Regional Vocational Aquaculture Center, to 50 people who attended program hosted by the Land Trust, June 8, 2011 Connecticut’s fisheries first supported native Americans and then early settlers when fishing was more than a sport.  Over the years, it became a serious commercial enterprise.  The [...]

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USDA grant awards CT $1.97 million to protect parks & forests

September 9th , 2010 → 8:42 am @

September 25, 2010 – According to Connecticut’s  Governor, Jodi Rell, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded the State $1.97 million in federal grant money to preserve and protect the state’s 139 parks and forests. The funding from the grant will be applied toward programs which focus on detecting and stopping the spread of [...]

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Asian Longhorned Beetle Alert!

September 7th , 2010 → 12:36 am @

Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) threat to Connecticut forests Help save Connecticut’s forest by joining with the Land Trust of West Haven to become a first detector ! The invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB), Anoplophora glabripennis, has been discovered attacking trees in the United States. The ALB arrived in the United States within hardwoods cut [...]

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What’s Going on With Our Water?

August 9th , 2010 → 8:44 pm @

  The program for the Land Trust Annual Meeting, June 8, 1010, focused on our drinking water. Ronald Walters, Regional Water Authority, gave an overview of the water supply needed and used in West Haven.

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Land Trust Supports West River Bulkhead Renovation

August 9th , 2010 → 1:09 pm @

 The Land Trust of West Haven supports the City’s grant fund request to replace the deteriorated bulkhead in West Haven along the West River.  According to the Water Resources and Development Act, the City of West Haven seeks $1.3 million.

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Highlights of Past and Current Achievements

August 6th , 2010 → 9:31 am @

A review our past and current achievements to acquire, create, safeguard and maintain open spaces throughout West Haven: 80, 90 and 100 Plainfield Avenue extending to Forest Road – The Land Trust advised and promoted the City’s purchase of United Illuminating and Ciarleglio farmland, totaling 42 acres of open space overlooking Forest Road and a [...]

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