Over 80 Volunteers Celebrate National Estuaries Day With Beach Cleanup at Sandy Point

November 11th , 2011 → 4:12 pm @

On September 24, 2011, The Land Trust of West Haven coordinated a beach cleanup at Sandy Point with Save The Sound, a program of The Connecticut Fund for the Environment. In addition to being part of the Ocean Conservancy’s “International Coastal Cleanup” (http://www.oceanconservancy.org/our-work/marine-debris/international-coastal-cleanup-11.html) , this year’s Sandy Point cleanup was Save The Sound’s feature cleanup [...]

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About Mute Swans

June 23rd , 2011 → 10:51 pm @

“…known to kill geese, ducks, and other wetland bird species, and also to cause nest abandonment by Least Terns and Black Skimmers, both threatened species that are native to Long Island Sound, and which can still be found, in smaller and smaller numbers, on West Haven’s Sandy Point.” The beautiful Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) that [...]

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Cove River Historical Site in Fall

November 6th , 2010 → 1:00 am @

The 15.28 acres of the Jesudowich farm was purchased by the City of West Haven in 2003 for Open Space. At that time, it was noted that Native American artifacts had been found and over two hundred of them are now a part of the collection at the Yale Peabody Museum. Many of the artifacts [...]

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Yale University Outreach Program

September 8th , 2010 → 8:15 am @

Educational Outreach – West Haven High students monitor health of the Oyster River running through Yale University’s West Campus.

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Plant life

September 7th , 2010 → 4:16 pm @

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Asian Longhorned Beetle Alert!

September 7th , 2010 → 12:36 am @

Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) threat to Connecticut forests Help save Connecticut’s forest by joining with the Land Trust of West Haven to become a first detector ! The invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB), Anoplophora glabripennis, has been discovered attacking trees in the United States. The ALB arrived in the United States within hardwoods cut [...]

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Kite Flying

September 6th , 2010 → 3:00 pm @

Wind Tales is devoted to wind, air in motion, and the effects it has on our everyday life.  The energy produced by wind is used for work and  recreation. The Egyptians used wind to sail ships on the Nile River.  Today, people use wind to sail boats on the Long Island Sound. Windmills are used [...]

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Locust the Adaptable Tree

July 30th , 2010 → 7:28 pm @

  Locust trees, like the ones found at West Walk in West Haven, CT have thorns about the size and shape of a darning needle, which grow on the twigs.  It is said that deerskin clad hunters used them to pin together rips in their clothing.

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The Weather

June 1st , 2010 → 11:14 am @

Storms The Wind

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June 1st , 2010 → 10:28 am @

West Haven’s Beaches and Shoreline West Haven’s crown-jewel shoreline is one of the foremost locations in Connecticut to spot rare shorebirds, serving as a migratory route for some of the most endangered bird species. The Sandy Point estuary, one of the sites featured on the Connecticut Coastal Birding Trail, has been designated an “important bird [...]

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